Sunday, May 25, 2008

RadioIrish.Com - New York

Just ran across this. You can listen to the station online. Check it out.

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NEW YORK'S FIRST 24-Hour IRISH RADIO STATION has just taken to the air!

Swept away by all things IRISH this past Saint Patrick's Day 2008two of Ireland's most distinguished and applauded broadcasters have teaming up together to bring the local Tri-State Area the FIRST 24-HOUR LIVE - 'IRISH RADIO SHOW'

RADIOIRISH ® broadcasts live and continuously from digital recording studios located in the heart of NEW YORK CITY and is presented to a vast global audience by Veteran Irish Radio Presenters BOB GALLICO and SEAN McCARTHY both of whom are established actors and radio personalities in Ireland now living and broadcasting here in the TRI STATE AREA. Our listenership is fast growing and we hope you can spread the word to your family, friends, and work colleagues !

RADIOIRISH ® has been launched 'By The Irish Community ... For The Irish Community' so please tune in regularly !

An extensive advertising campaign is underway the aim of which is to position RADIOIRISH ® firmly amongst the top Online Radio Stations in the Tri State Area. We have already become the First 24-Hour Irish Radio Station in New York.

We ask you to encourage other Irish and Irish American internet browsers to tune in day or night to RADIOIRISH ® Logging in to RADIOIRISH ® is a brilliant way to spend your down time. You can log on, relax, and enjoy the fun !

Welcome to RADIO IRISH !

"Everybody's Listening In The Tri-State Area"
201 340-2110