Saturday, August 16, 2008

Irish Movie & Book Reviews

My 2nd trip to Ireland this year has got me focused on reading as many books on Ireland and watching all the movies made about Ireland and Irish -Americans. I've seen some of the movies before and I'm watching them again now based on having seen parts of Ireland twice and connecting to my family roots. I intend to write reviews of the books and movies as I finish them and carve out the time to write.

Some of the movies I will be writing about are:

The Field - (recommended by my cousin Tony O'Donnell )
The Wind That Shakes the Barley
The Undertones
48 Angels
Michael Collins
Into The West
My Left Foot
- produced by a friend Paul Heller ( Member of the Los Angeles Irish Film Festival Board)
The Secret of Roan Inish

and many more..... I have a queue of 50 Irish theme films on my Blockbuster's account.

Some of the books I will be writing about:

Foxford - Through the Gates of Time ( given to me as a gift by my cousin Sharon Burton) - This was the "big" town my mother went down the hill to as a young girl.It was also the location of our family reunion at the Mayfly Hotel.
Attymas - Bridie Patten ( given to me by my cousin John Quinn) - This was my mother's parish as a young girl in Ireland.
Tis - Frank McCourt
How the Irish Saved Civilization

I previously wrote about 2 excellent books about Ireland and Irish-Americans:

The Pope's Children
The Billionaire Who Wasn't

I look forward to this adventure and exploration of Ireland and Irish-American stories and history in books and film.

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