Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Irish Movie Review - "In the Name of the Father" 1993

Just watched the 1993 film directed by Jim Sheridan, "In the Name of the Father". The film is based on a true story about a petty thief Gerry Conlon, from Northern Ireland who is framed for a horrendous bombing in England by the IRA that killed five people.

The directing and acting are excellent and the movie tells a powerful story of an injustice in a very bad time in Ireland and English history. It does a great job of not only dealing with an emotionally charged political issue but also tells a moving story about a father and son relationship and their love. It's a movie to watch again even if you seen it before or watch it for the first time if you haven't.

Of course it's a movie and it takes license with reality and combines events, leaves out details that while the truth would make for a more complex movie. Life isn't black and white like in a movie. So I would recommend you read a little about the facts of the real case and you will understand that the truth is more complex.

I guess a simple analysis would have to say that it was a major injustice done to the Conlon's and that a horrible crime was perpetuated on the innocent victims by the IRA bombing. Watch the movie, read more about it and draw your own conclusions...



Thanks for the review, I intend to see this. The only other Irish films I know about are A Prayer for the Dying and Angela's Ashes (I liked the book better). So I look forward to seeing more. I'm not Irish-American, but my grandfather immigrated from the old country many years ago.

duffsqfilm said...

You're welcome. Since my 1st visit to ireland in March I have been on a mission to watch every irish and Irish-american movie I can track down. It's been fun. Hope you check out future reviews.