Sunday, March 1, 2009

Personal Ramblings - "Falling Upward"

A friend of mine Duff Duggan invited me to a play he's in. So I invited a friend and his wife anr surprised my wife with a night of Irish theatre,

We saw a great production of "Falling Upward". Ray Bradbury was there to introduce his play that he wrote in 1988. The night was extra special because we got to hear Ray describe why he wrote the play and how it is his favorite. It was a great night of theatre, Irish music and fun. The story is about a bunch of guys sitting in a pub in 1950's Ireland talking about nothing. it's about a lot of storytelling, some craic and some singing and dancing.

It will be running for another 5 weeks at the El Porto Theater in NoHo, Los Angeles. I highly recommend you check it out...

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