Saturday, September 27, 2008

Irish Movie Review - "Dancing at Lughnasa" 1998

I just watched "Dancing at Lughnasa" for the first time. It is an adaption of a play that I have not seen so I can only judge or review the movie. I enjoyed the portrayal of five sisters in rural Ireland in the 1930's. The relationship between the sisters and others who interact in their lives is very realistic. The acting is strong, the music enjoyable and the story kept me interested in these characters. I must admit I'm not usually a fan of female movies but this one was different. Maybe it's my interest in Ireland but I really like this movie. The best scene is when to sisters let go and give in to the music and dance. It's a powerful moment.

I related to the story personally because my mother returned to Ireland in 1932 for visit and I imagined what it must of been like then with the introduction of the radio. My mother's family in Glanduff got the first radio in that part of western Ireland in the 1930's and I can see them in my mind sitting around this magical box called the radio. On my trip to Ireland and to my mothers house I saw an original battery that was used in the radio they had in 1930's and it was just like the battery Aunt Kate buys at the local store in "Dancing at Lughnasa" .
'In my mother's area of the country the Foxford Woolen Mills was a major part of the area and a major employer during the 1930's and I'm sure also transformed how labor was done.

The movie ends on less of an upbeat moment than the movie but it feels real. It's a movie worth spending 90 minutes of your time with.

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Susan said...

This is one of the few films that I liked as well as I liked the play.

The casting had a lot to do with that--they were wonderful.