Thursday, October 2, 2008

Irish Movie Review - "The Boys & Girl from County Clare" 2003

Just watched a charming little film "The Boys and Girl from County Clare". It's a story about musical brothers from Ireland who are competing in an All Ireland Ceili Competition.

A year ago I didn't know what a Ceili was even though I was raised by an Irish mother from Glanduff, County Mayo. My mother might have mentioned it but I don't remember. But last year I went back to Ireland for my familiy reunion and watched Ceili bands perform at the Father Peyton Center .It was a place my mother went to in the 20's and it was special to be there. It was a great night and I was introduced to the Ceili bands and learned about how there were Ceili bands that performed in most towns and villages all over Ireland on Friday and Saturday nights.

So it was a pleasure to watch the movie and listen to the Ceili music. It's a story of the competition between brothers over music and how they become alienated from each other. It's an Irish story but it can b e appreciated by all. It's also a romantic story about family. Fun movie if you are a fan of Ireland, irish culture, Irish music and a good tale. Enjoy.....

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